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Office & Tech positions – Office Organizers, Photographers/ Videographers, Print Coordinator, Promotion Assistants to Plan and Host Events, Tech Coordinators, Technicians. See details under form.

Are You are between 15 years of age and 105 and like to Volunteer and be around Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Actors and Actresses? Do You need Co-Op or Volunteer Hours? Can You can spare 5-15 hours a week? Then, we’d like to hear from you.

All positions are volunteer and offer exceptional work experience. Previous film or arts festival or festival office experience will be an asset. We welcome film buffs, seniors citizens, high school students, interns and co-op students who can dedicate themselves to their tasks during their shifts.

Email us a brief paragraph about yourself and expertise which you bring to our festival.

  • Please mention if you have previous film festival experience
  • Tell us your availability from now until July 02.
  • Each Shift is a MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS!
  • Please include 3 positions that interest you in order of preference from the list above.

Volunteer For ReelHeART

Please fill our the form below.

The position you want to fill
Tell us about you and expertise you bring to our festival
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Want To Know More About These Positions?

  • Office Organizers (theatre and home office)

    • Maintain a clean work environment
    • Make sure everything is in its proper place i.e. boxes, files, folders, containers, labeled properly and organized
    • Clean up after every shift, make sure there are plenty of supplies
    • Inform volunteer supervisor if supplies are needed
  • Photographers/ Videographers (5 Positions open, add to your portfolio)
    • Must have own Digital Camera that uses Memory cards
    • Photographers: Please provide online links to your albums
    • Videographers: Please provide online links to your videos
    • We will provide a schedule of events once you provide us with your hours
  • Print Coordinator (Position filled)

    • Liaise with filmmakers regarding their films and promotional materials
    • Set up and Strike Theater pre and post festival with Posters, Postcards, flyers, etc
    • Make everything look “ReelHeART”
  • Promotion Assistants to Plan and Host Events
    • (Experience required, Must work entire festival)
    • Must be “born promoter”, like to walk, talk, be indoors, outdoors and talk to people and promote tickets sales, events, etc
    • Must have good connections or able to make connections and network
  • Tech Coordinators
    • Liaise with filmmakers regarding technical aspects of their films
    • Sit beside filmmaker during screening and clarify in the first two minutes if everything is OK. If not you and the filmmaker race to the booth and get it fixed
    • Be available during festival week to run DVDs at any Special Events or HCC
    • Must be a current film school production student or graduate that understands ratio, colour and sound issues
  • Technicians to run films at non-theater locations and assist with Print Coordinator
    • Be available during festival week to run DVDs at any Special Events or HCC
    • Must be a current film school production student or graduate that understands ratio, colour and sound issues

What You Get for Volunteering With ReelHeART

  • Work Experience that you can transfer to your resume
  • Meeting New and Fun like-minded Volunteers from around the world
  • Network and make connections with fellow volunteers, screenwriters, filmmakers, agents
  • See Excellent Independent Films
  • Watch Exciting Live Reads for Screenplays just like they do it in *Hollywood* with talented Actors
  • Enjoy Volunteer Appreciation Incentives (incentives, prizes, vouchers, lots of hugs and other cool things)
  • BBQ’s, Parties, Post Festival Film Nights
  • Work with Great Managers and a pretty awesome Festival Director
  • Respect and Gratitude

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