Coordinator Positions


Coordinator Positions: Assistant To Executive Director, Guest Services Coordinator, Live Script Read Coordinator, *Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinator (*Paid)
See Details for all Positions under form.

Are You are between 15 years of age and 105 and like to Volunteer and be around Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Actors and Actresses? Do You need Co-Op or Volunteer Hours? Can You can spare 5-15 hours a week? Then, we’d like to hear from you.

All positions are volunteer and offer exceptional work experience. Previous film or arts festival or festival office experience will be an asset. We welcome film buffs, seniors citizens, high school students, interns and co-op students who can dedicate themselves to their tasks during their shifts.

Email us a brief paragraph about yourself and expertise which you bring to our festival.

  • Please mention if you have previous film festival experience
  • Tell us your availability from now until September 10, 2017.
  • Each Shift is a MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS!
  • Please include 1 position that interests you

Want To Know More About These Positions?

  • Assistant To Executive Director
    (Intern 1-2 Positions)
    Must work entire festival to September 2016

    • Must be Calm, Cool and smiling under pressure
    • Must be Punctual
    • Solid knowledge of Toronto and how to get around – A Car is a PLUS+ (Gas will be reimbursed)
    • Must Speak and Write English
    • Must be advanced Computer Savvy
    • Must be advanced user of MSWord, MSExcel
    • Must be able to do Internet Research, Respond and Send Emails, Call and Email Suppliers, Talk to different types of people from Volunteers to Board Members
    • Must be able to Telecommute (work from home, self supervised)
    • Must be Bondable with No Criminal Record
    • Must be able to produce Government Issued ID and a Home Address
    • Eager to Learn and Take Direction well
    • Keeps good records, receipts, tracks expenses
  • Guest Services Coordinator (Intern Position – Must work entire festival)
    Start approx March 01, 2016

    • Meet and greet people as soon as they arrive
    • Direct them to the ticket booth / snackbar
      Always smile, no texting, no food eating, no loud talking or laughing
    • Create and ensure that each visiting Filmmaker or Screenwriter receive a detailed ‘Daily Schedule’
    • Host visiting Filmmaker or Screenwriter when required at ReelHeART or TBFF Screening or Events
    • Host or Co-Host + Pitch IN on Events, Picnic, BBQ, Add-on Events, Screenings, etc
    • Provide visiting visiting Filmmaker or Screenwriter assistance in picking up Passes, Welcome packs, Orientation information
    • Liaise with visiting Filmmaker or Screenwriter on any questions and get the ‘right’ answer
    • Enter visiting Filmmaker or Screenwriter information into the Guest Services Process Documents
    • Arrange and Compile Event guests lists for visiting Filmmaker or Screenwriter, Guests, VIPS, Contest Winners, etc
    • Makes Master Schedule with Volunteer Coordinator
    • Must be able to produce Government Issued ID and a Home Address
    • Keeps good records, tags receipts, tracks expenses
  • Live Script Read Coordinator
    (Start approx April 2016 – Must work entire festival)

    • Must be interested in Screenwriting, Acting, Writing, Staging
    • Works with Director on Casting logistics
    • Creates Workbooks and Schedules Auditions, Rehearsals
    • Communicates with Actors, Venue and Supervisor/Director
    • Must be comfortable in front of People, Must be self managed and able to work as a Telecommuter
    • Must be able to promote Live Script reads to Casting Directors, Agents, Acting Schools, Communities
    • Must be able to produce Government Issued ID and a Home Address
  •  *Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinator (*Paid Position)
    (Start approx March 2016 – Must work entire festival)

    • Recruit 100+ Volunteers on your own
    • Schedule Volunteers
    • Train Volunteers
    • Lead by Example and Motivate volunteers
    • Fill in when volunteers ‘flake out’
    • Keeps good records, tracks expenses
    • Work with Guest Services Coordinator
    • Train, Schedule and Co-Manage all Volunteers
    • Must be able to produce Government Issued ID and a Home Address

What You Get for Volunteering With ReelHeART

  • Work Experience that you can transfer to your resume
  • Meet New and Fun like-minded Volunteers from around the world
  • Network and Connect with Screenwriters, Filmmakers, Actors, Producers
  • See Excellent Independent Films
  • Watch Exciting Live Reads for Screenplays just like they do it in *Hollywood* with talented Actors
  • Enjoy Volunteer Appreciation Incentives (incentives, prizes, vouchers, lots of hugs and other cool things)
  • BBQ’s, Parties, Post Festival Film Nights
  • Work with Great Managers and a pretty awesome Festival Director
  • Respect and Gratitude

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