ReelHeART 2017 – Films and Screenplays – Complete Winners List

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13th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival July 03-08, 2017

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  • Best Music Video *TIE*
    • Ever Dimming Room” (United Kingdom, United States)
      dir. Min Reid
    • “Red” (United Kingdom, United States)
      dir. Min Reid

      • 2nd Place “Whateverland” (United States)
        dir. Thomas Florek
      • 3rd Place “Walls” (United Kingdom, United States)
        dir. Min Reid
    • Best Action Film

      • The Last Note” (United States)
        dir. Robert Zameroski
    • Best Animated Film
    • Best ReelTube Film (Films made Only for the Internet)

      • Caitlin Among The Beasts” (United States)
        dir. Adam Bertocci
    • Best Experimental Film

      • Home” (Australia)
        dir. Charles Williams
    • Best LGBTQ Film
      • Small Town Rage: Fighting Back In the Deep South
        dir. Raydra Hall dir.David Hylan (United States)
      • 2nd Place “The Gay, The Negro And The Holy Mountain”
        dir. Dave D. Leins (Germany)
      • 3rd Place “Run For The Truth”
        dir. Damien Steck (France)
    • Best Actor *TIE*
      • John Adams as “Nick”, “Halfway To Zen” (United States)
      • Travis Estes as “Eric Cutter“, “35 Days: A Post-Production Odyssey
        (United States)
    • Best Actress
      • George Hanover as “Meg”, “The Randomer” (Ireland)
    • Best Ensemble Cast
    • Halfway to Zen
      John Adams as “Nick”
      Zelda Adams as “Eddie”
      Toby Poser as “Vick”
      Robert Lund as “Pop”
    • Organic Love Stories (Organik Aşk Hikayeleri)
      Burak Türker as ”Gökçe”
      Sarah Henesey as ”Şebnem”
      Onur Özaydın as ”Melih”
      Ceyda Kasabalı as ”Sinem”
      Aslı Şahin as ”Ayşe”
      Berke Üzrek as ”Vefik”
      Burak Sarımola as ”Hadi” and ”Sadi”
      Merve Dizdar as ”Nazlı”
      Sadi Celil Cengiz as ”Yekta”
      Derya Taşbaşı as ”Larissa”
      Taylan Guner as ”Halil ”
      Melike Öcalan as ”Meryem”
      Özge Gürel as ”Pınar”
      Gökhan Alkan as ” Hasan”
      Furkan Kızılay as ”Deniz”
      İrem Helvacıoğlu as ”Özge”
    • Best Thesis Film
      • The Randomer” (Ireland)
        dir. Naji Bechara, dir. Caoimhe Clancy, dir.Iseult Imbert
      • 2nd Place “Anchor” (Australia) dir. Ainsley Pettitt
    • Best Canadian Film
      • “Long Road Home”
        dir. Stephanie Volk
    • Best Foreign Film
      • “Organic Love Stories” (Organik Aşk Hikayeleri) (Turkey)
        dir. Alpgiray (“Alp”) M.Ugurlu
    • Best French Film
      • Au Coeur du Sommeil (Deep into Sleep)
        dir. Virgile Novarina
    • Best Sound
      • 25 Tracks”, Sound Editor – Craig Carter (Australia)
    • Best Cinematography
      • Father and Son”, DOP – Ly Thai Dung (Vietnam)
    • Best Editing
      • American Dream”, Editor – Kasey Kirby (United States)
    • ReelHeART Spirit Award
      Maggie & Merly”, director Karen Shenfeld (Toronto)
    • The ReelHeART Spirit Award goes to the filmmaker, documentary or documentary subject who most demonstrates the “Indie Spirit”, through pride of film production, promotion of film, audience engagement and producing a memorable contribution on film. This year we give this award to one person who embodies this spirit for their tireless efforts in promoting their film, engaging the public, traditional and social media marketing, going that extra mile and passion for making their film – This year that person is Karen Shenfeld.
    • ReelHeART Founder’s Award
      Father and Son”, dir. Luong Dinh Dung (Vietnam)
    • The ReelHeART Founder’s Award is presented to the film that embodies everything exceptional in a film, including being transported to a place by a character(s), story and setting  A film that we can empathize with and relate to and talk about long after the credits roll. Our 2017 Founder’s Award Winner is director Luong Dinh Dung from Vietnam for “Father and Son”.
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    Dance / Music Film Category

    • 1st Place “Montage: Great Film Composers And The Piano”
      dir. Ben Proudfoot (United States, Canada)
    • 2nd Place “25 Tracks” (Australia)
      dir. Fiona Cochrane
    • 3rd Place none

    Short Film Category

    • 1st Place “Choice In Quantum”, dir. Yutang Wang
    • 2nd Place “Summon Her Children”, dir. Wesley O’Dunn
    • 3rd Place “Late Request”, dir. Phil Peel

    Feature Film Category

    • 1st Place “Halfway To Zen” (United States)
      dir. Toby Poser, dir. John Adams
    • 2nd Place “The Randomer” (Ireland)
      dir. Naji Bechara, dir. Caoimhe Clancy, dir.Iseult Imbert
    • 3rd Place “35 Days: A Post-Production Odyssey”
      dir. Chris Grega (United States)

    Short Documentary Category

    • 1st Place “The Voice, (New Zealand)
      dir. Leah Stewart
    • 2nd Place “Part Of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer” (United States)
      dir. Emily Gerhardson
    • 3rd Place “Maggie & Merly” (Ontario, Canada)
      dir. Karen Shenfeld

    Feature Documentary Category

    • 1st Place “American Dream” (United States)
      dir. Joel N. Clark
    • 2nd Place “Chasing Bonnie & Clyde” (France)
      dir. Olivier Lambert, dir. Thomas Salva
    • 3rd Place “Humble Hope” (Australia)
      dir. Ian Cooke

    Honorable Mention

    1. The Two Million” (Turkey, United States)
      dir. Derin Baratak, dir. Onur Menhame
    2. Hate And Reconciliation” (Sweden)
      dir. Bo Harringer, dir. Enver Ramirez, dir. Iman Bayat
    3. Death In A Day” (China)
      dir. Lin Wang


    • 1st Place “The Wonderful“ (United States/Greece)
      Writer, Demetria Papadinis
    • 2nd Place “Fire Mountain“ (Australia, Iceland)
      Writers, Anthony Salamonm Ronnie S. Riskalla, Jeremy Span
    • 3rd Place “Jagged Edge“ (Ontario, Canada)
      Writers, Tamara Herman, Cindy Aronson

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    • 1st Place Short Screenplay*
      “Wilma Deals” (Unites States)
      Writer, Virginia Shaffer
    • 2nd Place Short Screenplay*
      Just For Men” (Unites States)
      Writer, Mary Tolan
    • 3rd Place Short Screenplay”
      Brownies” (Ontario, Canada)
      Writer Sharon Nezny

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