ReelHeART 2015 – Films and Screenplays – Complete Winners List Announced

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11th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival 2015
11th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival 2015

Thank you Filmmakers and Screenwriters for all your hard work and creative expression.  Below are our Winners For
ReelHeART 2015

  • Best Music Video “Silver Girl”, dir. Min Reid
  • Best Animated Film “September Sketchbook”
    dir. Ronnie Cramer
  • Best Experimental Film “W”
    dir. Francesca Draghetti
  • Best Thesis Film “-196”, dir. Anna Arlanova
  • Best ReelTube Film “The Caddywhompus Years”
    dir. Adam Bertocci
  • Best Actor Bramwell Noah
    “According To Ben Adams”
  • Best Actress *TIE
    Paris Szep “The Precipice – Director’s Cut”
  • Best Actress *TIE
    Mai Nakano “Summer Time”
  • Best Ensemble Cast
    John Magaro, Charles Haid, Terry Kinney
    For “One Armed Man”, dir. Tim Guinee
  • Best Canadian Film “Learning To Ride”
    dir. Michael Hanley
  • Best Foreign Film “The Precipice – Director’s Cut”, dir. Michael “Mick” Hatch
    • NB: Mick Hatch’s entry has inspired a NEW Award Category for 2016 – Best Action Film
  • Best Sound “The Newport Effect”, Fred Story
  • Best Cinematography “Gaia”
    dir. Erin Fowler, dir. Nick Graalman
  • Best Editing “Art House” Don Freeman
  • ReelHeART Spirit Award “Summer Time”
    Kota Fudauchi, Mai Nakano, Yoshiko Tatsumi, Kosuke Haruki, Go Jibiki

    • The ReelHeART Spirit Award goes to the filmmaker, documentary or documentary subject who most demonstrates the “Indie Spirit”, through pride of film production, promotion of film, audience engagement and producing a memorable contribution on film. This year we give this award to FIVE people from Team #SummerTime who embody this spirit for their tireless efforts in promoting their film and their passion for making it –
  • ReelHeART Mentorship Award Phil Peel “Liaison”, “Emily’s Dance”, “Best of Intentions”
    • This year, The ReelHeART Mentorship Award goes to a Filmmaker, Screenwriter whom we first met last year. This filmmaker embodies what ReelHeART is all about: Interaction, Inspiration, Creativity, Mentoring and Collaborating with Others. This year we could only give this award to one person who embodies this spirit for his tireless efforts sprinting into action all year long without a break to have his creative voice heard through, films and screenplays after being overwhelmingly inspired by his experience last year at ReelHeART. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, from Southampton, United Kingdom– Mr. Philip Peel
  • ReelHeART Founder’s Award “One Armed Man”, dir. Tim Guinee
    • The ReelHeART Founder’s Award is presented to the film that embodies everything great to exceptional in a film and being transported to a time and place and we simply can’t take our eyes of the screen. Ladies and Gentlemen: Our 2015 Founder’s Award Winner is Director, Actor, Collaborator – Tim Guinee

Dance / Music Film Category

  1. Gold 1st Place “The Newport Effect”
    dir. Beverly Penninger, dir. Alyson Young
  2. Silver 2nd Place “Gaia”
    dir. Erin Fowler, dir. Nick Graalman
  3. Bronze 3rd Place “Lost and Found”
    dir. Keaton Mangleson

Short Film Category

  1. 1st Place “One Armed Man”, dir. Tim Guinee
  2. 2nd Place “Dissonance”, dir. Bryan Fox
  3. 3rd Place “Work Mate”, dir. Genevieve Clay-Smith

Feature Film Category

  1. 1st Place “Sidewalk Traffic”, dir. Anthony L. Fisher
  2. 2nd Place “World To Come”
    dir. Trevor Mowchun, dir. Daniel Eskin
  3. 3rd Place “Birthday”, dir. Sonoko Ogata

Short Documentary Category

  1. 1st Place “All In Her Stride”, Fiona Cochrane
  2. 2nd Place “Virgile Sleeps, 6 Sketches For A Film
    dir. Jean Seban
  3. 3rd Place “You and I”, dir. Emma Zaiachkowski

Feature Documentary Category

  1. 1st Place “Art House”, dir. Don Freeman
  2. 2nd Place “Christiania – 40 Years of Occupation”
    dir. Robert Lawson, dir. Richard Jackman
  3. 3rd Place “GreasePaint”, dir. Daniel Espeut

Honorable Mention

  1. 1st Place “A Candle Lights The Heart”
    dir. Shinji Kondo
  2. 2nd Place “The Policy of Truth, dir. Nick Demos
  3. 3rd Place “The Wish Horse”, dir. Lisa Ford


3rd Place “A Compact Death“
Writer, Brien McHugh

2nd Place “Best Of Intentions
Writer, Philip Peel

1st Place “The Alien’s Puppets
Rubens Marinelli Neto
Matheus Hruschka


1st Place Short Screenplay*
“Good Grief
Writer, Luigi Visconti

2nd Place Short Screenplay*
Writers, Alkyoni Valsari, Kristen Ross

2nd Place Short Screenplay*
Writer, Susan Cohen

3rd Place Short Screenplay”
Pelham Bay Park
Writer John Burdeaux

3rd Place Short Screenplay*
Easy On The Eyes
Writer, Sheri Davenport

Honourable Mention*
“The Redemption of Frank Malone”
Writer, Mary Goldman

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