ReelHeART 2014 : : Feature Screenplay Finalists Announced

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We’re pleased to announce we are on the road to finding out who our Top 3 Winners will be in the Feature Screenplay Competition at the 10th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival.


***Congratulations to our Finalists
(in Alphabetical Order)

Your scripts are currently with our literary agents and being reviewed.
Our  agents will pick our Top 3 Winners for the 10th Annual ReelHeART

  1. American Terrorist by Richard Pilch (USA)
  2. Changeology by Mary Goldman (Toronto, CDN)
  3. Homestead by Lindsay Waite (USA)
  4. Mass Exodus by Shawn Delliskave (USA)
  5. The Concert by Steven Prowse (UK)
  6. The Night Witches by Steven Prowse (UK)

Good Luck to All!

**Congratulations to our Semi-Finalists
(in Alphabetical Order)

  • Four Crows by Jeśus Galindo (USA)
  • I Am Delicious by David Sabbath (USA)
  • Loserville by April Lee (CDN)
  • Ohio Finch by Chad Parsons (USA)
  • Old River Road by Luciana Lagana (USA)
  • Oma’s Million’s by Katarzyna Kochany (CDN)
  • The Retirement Plan by Steven Prowse (UK)
  • The Tapestry by Steven Prowse (UK)

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