10th Annual ReelWarmHeARTs Clothing Drive 2013

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'ReelWarmHeARTs' Clothing Drive 2013
ReelWarmHeARTs Clothing Drive 2013

For the past 10 seasons our ReelHeART International Film Festival Director collects warm clothing for homeless and people who need help staying warm.

Then, on Christmas Day she personally distributes the clothing on a one-to-one basis by hitting the streets with bags and bags of gloves, hats, scarves, socks to people living on the streets of Toronto or New York.

This year, she will be in Toronto, handing out clothing and warm accessories on Christmas Day

If you can spare a Cash Donation this time of year, please help out with $5 or $10 dollars by going directly to our PayPal link below:

Xmas Donation 2013

We co-sponsor a Xmas Open House every year to physically collect clothing that is new or gently used. The rest of the scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, hoodies and socks are purchased at stores who offer us clothing at greatly reduced prices.

We know the economy is tough, but if you can spare a small donation, we’d really appreciate your Warm HeART in 2013.

Thank You!
Please Note: If you would like to drop off fresh clean winter clothing please email us Here.

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