ReelHeART Monthly Film Series *APRIL* at Big Picture Cinema!

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Join us for an evening of

Hold onto your seats as we take you through an exciting 2 hour tour of the world through short films from Australia, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Russia and the USA. And even right here on our doorstep in Toronto.

From Germany, the dramatically tense short film “SCISSU” by director Tom Bewilogua
  • Friday April 26, 2013
  • 7:30PM
  • Big Picture Cinema – 1035 Gerrard Street East
  • Tickets are Just $10 *Please Support Independent Film

The complete program is below:

*Just Added*! Academy Award Nominated Short:
Miracle Fish” (18:00)
Director, Luke Doolan (Australia)
8 year old Joe has a Birthday he will never forget. After friends bully him, he sneaks off to the sick bay, wishing everyone in the world would go away. He wakes up to find his dream may have become a reality.

*Just Added*! The award-winning moving social portrait:
La Sortie” (26:00)
Director, Joël Franka (Brussels / France)
This short films revolves around two people “Simon” and “Marie” who find themselves facing a hostile world. Marie meets this head-on when she arrives to meet her father “Simon” who’s due to be released from prison after 17 years into a world that moved on without him.

Award-winning short:
Hunter” (12:00)
Director, Nigel Douglas (UK)
Famed British TV writer and director Nigel Douglas (Eastenders, The Bill) gives us a nice twist when two mysterious men are out on a night where a beautiful woman is their target. But what drives them is an obsession that only they understand.

*Just Added*!
Only one of the funniest animated shorts ever to be awarded at ReelHeART International Film Festival:

Chump and Clump” (11:00)
Co-directors Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm (Germany)
Two hilarious and lovable characters have a challenging day at the bus stop.
Chump And Clump Trailer Please Click Here.

Award-winning music video:
Twenty” (07:00)
Director, Sue Turner-Cray (USA)
featuring high profile multi-Grammy Winner Bluesman Robert Cray

Award-winning short film
Family Recipes” (13:00)
Director Cosmos Kiindarius (USA)
When threatened with being fired by the new owner of her family’s restaurant, a young cook turns to some old family secret to keep her dream of being a head chef alive.
WARNING: Do not eat an expensive meal before seeing this film…
Here’s Cosmos in an interview about his short and independent filmmaking. Enjoy 🙂

I’m Right Behind You” (05:30)
Director, Jeffrey P. Nesker, (Toronto, Canada)
The life story of the Founder, Artistic Director and Lead Dancer of Toronto based modern dance Company, The Chimera Project, Malgorzata Nowacka, told sideways. The culture shock of moving from 1980′s Poland to present-day Canada. The constant struggle of the female in a patriarchal society. A new way to present the high impact, heavily erotic and athletic dance that has won her and her company accolades the world over.

Scissu” (27:00) (event feature picture)
Director, Tom Bewilogua, (Germany)
Multiple award-winning, dramatically tense SCISSU tells a chronologically split story about a lonely cop and an addicted couple in this collage about the darkness between us all.

This year marks the 9th Anniversary of ReelHeART International Film Festival June 24-29, 2013.

Every year we like to introduce a new element to our film screenings – so this year we will be introducing “Short Heard Around The World” and we thought we’d give our audience a first-hand look at some exciting short films from near and far. Any questions please email us Here.

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