An Evening with David Finley – Award winning Playwright, Filmmaker and Maybe a Guy Who’s Afraid of Priests

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ReelHeART Monthly Series shines a spotlight on the short, dark comedy, “My Last Confession” and a table read of “Donny’s Day” dramatized by the accomplished group of actors that helped make it one of the funniest Fringe Toronto hits of 2009. Both were written and directed by Award winner David Finley.

My Last Confession, written and directed by David Finley
My Last Confession, written and directed by David Finley

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David Finley is a long-time TV writer, filmmaker and published writer of short fiction. In 1996 he was a Gemini Award Nominee for Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program. In 2003, he received an Award of Excellence from The Alliance For Children and Television.

David won the 2005 prestigious Dora Award for outstanding New Musical for “Aladdin”, nominated again in 2006 for “Snow White and the Group of Seven”.

His short film, “My Last Confession” from 2006, screened at 40 International Film Festivals in 12 countries and it has won several awards and nominations. “My Last Confession” is the story of 13-year-old Danny Riley’s dark, yet humorous, look at the more interesting practices of the Catholic Church and confessions on the most grievous of all sins: “impure thoughts and deeds”, especially when the scariest priest to ever walk the earth is the one who sits in judgment.

Fringe Hit "Donny's Day", written and directed by David Finley

In 2008, David started working on “Donny’s Day”, a broad comedy about one day in the life of Eddie Kowalski – an alcoholic, commitment-phobic, chronically procrastinating, and wannabe writer wise-ass. “Donny’s Day” was David’s theatrical directing debut and true to form he packed the house every night with his latest hit.

Currently, David has a youth-oriented half-hour sci-fi TV comedy in development and several other things on his mind…

“Donny’s Day”

4-Star Review – EYE WEEKLY
The day that this well-written and funny play chronicles actually belongs to Eddie (Timothy Walker), and Eddie is having a very shouty day indeed. He’s been fired from his lackluster job only to be serially dumped by his shrill (and yet strangely lisping) girlfriend, his borderline-abusive AA sponsor and his wildly unorthodox therapist, sending him into the open, grasping arms of his enabling bartender.

Walker invests sad-sack Eddie with enough dry snark to keep him afloat through one shitstorm after another while the whole cast digs happily into David Finley’s script, which is both crisp and clever.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to have seen Mr. Finley’s short film, “My Last Confeesion” and having been a former priest, I really enjoyed it and never stopped laughing! This short film was very well done, I liked it so much so, that I ended up buying it and showing it to many of my Catholic friends. Mr. Finley is not only a gifted writer, but his humor is second to none. The actors also were great. I am a real fan of Mr. Finley’s work and look forward to spending an evening with this very gifted writer.

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